Do you want to know how to learn reiki from home? Today, Learning reiki online from your home is available and easy. Reiki attunement will unleash the incredible, holistic healing power of reiki to transform your life and well being. Reiki comes from the Japanese. Reiki consists of two Japanese words: Rei which means universe, and Chi or Ki which means life force energy, so Reiki means life force energy from the universe. For example : the Polynesian Huna call this life force Mana, in India known as Prana. This is the same energy that the Chinese call Chi. This energy is indirectly available to us from air, sunlight, earth, food, and love.

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Reiki is a form of healing and spiritual awakening, received and developed 100 years ago by a Japanese man – Mikao Usui, and brought to the West via Hawaii. It is passed on from one person to another through specific initiation rites, teachings and defined forms of practice. The integrated way of usui reiki has four Aspects: healing practice, personal development, spiritual discipline and mystic order. For the gifts of the whole to be realised they need to be held in a balanced way, not allowing any to overshadow the others.

Four Aspects

Healing Practice. Usui reiki has as its basis a hands on healing practice for regular self treatment and a form of treatment which helps others to use universal life energy for their own healing.

Personal Development. Giving and receiving reiki through usui reiki stimulates a process that brings a clearer sense of one’s own true self and humanity, with a deepening self love.

Spiritual Discipline. Inherent in the regular practice of the form is the awakening of a spiritual practice, spiritual development and awareness of the sacred in daily life.

Mystic Order. Practice of usui reiki brings mystic experiences and a sense of connection and common purpose with others following this path.

Reiki Healing

Reiki is not only effective to heal physical diseases, but also to emotional, mental and spiritual problems. Many diseases are caused by emotional, mental and spiritual problems. The energy of reiki has a high vibration, smooth, spreads (like mist) and beneficial to healing, so that reiki can be used to treat a very sensitive organ and without any risk at all. Although reiki is more subtle, does not mean that reiki is not strong. Reiki can easily absorbed into the body and make healthy the cell or regenerating the cells.

Reiki healing can be done for self-healing and also can be used for healing others, either direct or long distance. Reiki healing does not require hard work to heal, what you need to do is relax. The whole process of attract the energy, energy channeling, and the healing occur by itself automatically. When you heal a patient, you also get the positive benefit because reiki – in through you, mostly stored in your’s body, heal your’s body and improving the quality and quantity of your’s energy.

It is impossible to be tired when healing, because the energy is coming from the universe, and this energy has its own intelligence. It knows exactly where to go. The best thing for you to do is nothing, but allow the energy to do its work. Advanced practitioner is able to give healing without touching the recipient, and even send healing or reiki attunement to people on other continents.

Reiki can be used by everyone, from children to the elderly can use reiki to heal themselves or others. Reiki spreading started in Hawaii, and this spread has been slow due to a very large cost to learn reiki. Cost to learn reiki level 1 is U.S. $ 200, reiki level 2 for U.S. $ 600, and reiki master level is U.S. $ 10,000. Fortunately, today many reiki masters who want to teach reiki and give reiki attunement at a lower cost, with the aim that reiki can be disseminated for the benefit of mankind.

How Reiki Works in Healing?

For more easy to understand, we suppose that disease in the body is like a dirty glass. If the dirty glass is flowed continuously with clean water, then the water that has been mixing with dirt in the glass will overflow out of the glass. If the glass continuesly flowed with  clean water then the dirt in the glass will be wane and glass will be more clean. When all dirt in the glass had been pushed entirely out of glass, the glass will be clean.

Reiki Attunement

To be able to channel reiki, first you have to receive reiki attunement. Reiki attunement will open your chakras, energy channels, and also connects you to the reiki energy sources. The purpose of this attunement is a practitioner to be more in tune with the energy of the universe, so that the practitioners can easily channel the energy of the universe.

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When you receiving reiki attunement, usual feels sensations such as: vibration, warm in the head, chest, hands, back or entire body. You may get powerful experiences with sight : bones, liver, chakras, aura, past life, future life, guides, angels. Often you maybe laugh or cry, it may be a reduce of blockages or there may be a spiritual reason. You will  immediately connect to the best quality source of reiki. Consciousness will be established and acceptance levels will rise. All the good feelings will be experienced at the moment. You have experienced a fantastic gift from reiki attunement which usually may never ever be repeated in your lifetime.

After you receive reiki attunement, then the possibility there are some effects that occur after the reiki attunement, where this effect is not something to worry about, some effects may occur: the excess energy, increased body temperature, and the tendency often sleepy. These effects are temporary, due to the re-attunement of the body’s internal energy flow.

Sensation is not a standard for success or failure of the reiki attunement, although the receiver did not feel any sensation, reiki attunement still runs perfectly. To be able to channel reiki, it is very easy, a practitioner just intend to channel reiki, then relax.

Usui Traditional Reiki Levels

Reiki Level 1

At  level 1,  your chakras have been opened, cleaned and activated. Reiki level 1 learn the basics of reiki. After you become a reiki practitioner level 1, you can doing healing for yourself and others. you also can use the reiki energy for various purposes, such as: protection, helping materialization, chakra cleaning, chakra balancing, but have limited durability.  In level I, the emphasis is on self healing. You are given an empowerment to help you remember that you are and always have been reiki. You are taught the five principles (For today only, anger not worry not. Be grateful and humble. Do your work with appreciation. Be kind to all) to assist you in keeping mindfulness and setting the intent. You are taught hand positions so that you can treat self and others.

Reiki Level 2

Reiki level 2 is usually focused around the  psychological and mental growth within you. On 2nd level, the cleaning is much more related with psychological and mental blockages. This level teaches three  (Cho ku rei, Sei hei ki, Hon sha se so nen) of the traditional four symbols used in reiki.  There is generally an increase in the amount of power. You can using the symbols for many purposes: distance healing, materialisation, protection, cleaning and balancing the chakras, making programs that channel reiki continuously.

Reiki Level 3  ( Reiki Master Level )

Teaches the fourth symbol, the Master Symbol (Dai ko myo). There is generally, again, an increase in power plus the ability to train reiki practitioners. This is usually known as the Reiki Master Level.

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